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Oasis is committed to carrying the best chocolates from around the world at the best prices available in Southwest Virginia. A few of our flagship brands are:


Vosges Haut Chocolat – Travel the world through chocolate with these extrodinary bars, Marshmallows, and drinking chocolates. Vosges owner and master chocolatier, Katrina Markoff creates each chocolate to reflect her creativity and rich experience gained training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and apprenticing under master chocolatiers in Spain, Italy, Southeast Asia and Australia. Vosges chocolates feature premium coco and infusions of rare spices and flowers to give a true haut-chocolat experience. We proudly carry the full line of exotic chocolate bars along with Vosges Carmel Marshmallows and Drinking Chocolates.


Taza – This artisan Mexican-style stone-ground chocolate is intense, with a unique granular texture. It is perfect for nibbling or heat with water or milk to make Aztec-style “xocolātl” (cacao drink.)


Kinder - Kinder was created 60 years ago as a mother’s solution--chocolates to satisfy childrens’ desires for something tasty and sweet and mothers’ need for peace of mind serving products only of quality ingredients, trusted name, and small sizes perfect for children. Today, Kinder continues to delight children of any age. We carry the full line including eggs.


We also carry many other brands including:

Taza Chocolate Bars
Vosges Chocolate Bars
Kinder Chocolate
Other Chocolate Bars